Chery Motors Nigeria Limited
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Chery Motors Nigeria Limited

About Chery Nigeria

Chery Motors Nigeria was established with one thing in mind, to afford Nigerians the opportunity to own a brand new quality car. Focusing on safety, reliability and affordability.

A dynamic management team with a crop of seasoned professionals complements the efforts of the Board with varied experience in Management and Engineering disciplines. The team among others includes:

Chief S.O. Bakare – Chairman

Chief S. O. Bakare is an astute, shrewd business genius and has been the Group Executive Chairman and founding Chairman of the Dynasty. Born on the eve of the Second World War in 1939, Chief S. O. Bakare approach to business has been a ‘war like’ approach, which has seen him fought and won several battles at the business front that culminated in the setting up of the Oluwalogbon Group of Companies. In 1960, he founded the Oluwalogbon dynasty, which has seen the group’s phenomenal growth and expansion into other business areas as Motor vehicles & Spare parts Distributor, Properties & Real Estate Development, Banking & Finance, Agriculture, General Trading & Investment etc. He is bringing on Board a 45 years of cherished & diverse experience in the Nigerian auto industry to Chery Motors Nigeria Limited. This will definitely give the Company (Chery) an immediate credibility and endorsement that will propel Chery to the forefront of the automobile industry in Nigeria.

Mr. David Bakare – President/CEO

Mr. David R. Bakare – B.Sc. (Engineering), B.Sc Business Admin and M.Sc. Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California, USA. Astute marketer and innovator with over 14 years experience in Automobile and Limousine industry in the USA.

Fresh off the successful turnaround of Executive Coach Builders, David is in the process of relocating to Nigeria to join the Chery Motors management team. With him on board, Chery will enjoy the fruit of his 14 years of experience in the American automobile industry. As a sales and customer service oriented manager, David will bring the American standard dealership approach to ensure Chery’s success in Nigeria.

Mrs. ‘Remi Odunsi (Executive Director)

Remi Odunsi is a graduate of Management & Accounting from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. She is a Certified Accountant (ACCA) with over ten years post qualification experience and an Associate Member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers, UK (ACT). She also has an MBA in Information and Communication Technology from the Theseus Institute of Management, France.

She started her career as an Accountant with Union Bank Plc (London) before coming to Nigeria to join United Bank for Africa Plc as a Banking Officer in 1997 and rose to the position of Assistant Manager before moving to First Atlantic Bank Limited in 1999. She subsequently left for Metropolitan bank Limited where she worked in Internal Control, Treasury Operations and Settlement banking. She left the bank as an Assistant General Manager in charge of Operations Bank wide. She then joined Mascot Insurance Brokers as an Executive Director. She was responsible for the reorganization that led the company to be one of the top insurance brokerage firms in Nigeria.

In addition to her professional career, Remi is the promoter of Toyland and Kids, a business she started in 1997. The business has since grown and expanded from its one shop to multiple shops in different locations in Nigeria. She is also on the Board of Directors of several companies, some of which are MBL Financial Services, C2G Consulting, Avion Travels.

Oladele Abolade Ogunsipe (Import Manager)

O. A. Ogunsipe started his business carrier as an Accounts Clerk in 1974 with Co-operative Bank Limited. He later entered the University of Benin, Nigeria where he graduated with B.Sc. Honours in Business Administration and later capped this up with Masters in Business Administration (Marketing). He started his career in Auditing and later took on teaching before joining Oluwalogbon Group in 1985 as the Chairman’s Personal Assistant and rose to become the General Manager with varied responsibilities which include, imports & exports schedules, shipping operations & general procurement. A widely traveled executive, he has attended several marketing seminars with Peugeot in France, South Africa, & UK and also belong to several professional bodies. He has over 20 years experience in automotive Marketing & After sales service of Peugeot vehicles. This has made him a reference point in the Automobile industry in Nigeria and he will be a great asset to Chery Motors Nigeria Limited.

Edward Shodiya (National Sales Manger)

A product of the industry, he has a well rounded experience spanning over 16yrs in the administration and management of after sales service operations in automobile companies here in Nigeria and abroad most at senior management level. The companies include: Elizade Nig. Ltd, Daewoo Motor Services Nig Ltd, Doyin Motors Ltd and Daewoo Services SARL Cotonou, Republic of Benin. With extensive experience in Asian and European brand of vehicles, including but not limited to Toyota, Volvo, Audi, VW, Skoda, Daewoo and Samsung, he brings to Chery a wealth of technical expertise from these brands.

He possesses an HND in Auto Engineering and has attended several factory trainings and seminar here in Nigeria and overseas including South Korea UAE, Ghana, and China.

Abisoye Sherif After sales Supervisor

Mr. Abisoye Sherif is the aftersales service supervisor at the Ikeja showroom/ service location. HND Mech. Engineer with over 10 years experience as after sales manager. He is Peugeot factory trained in France. He recently completed a 2 weeks intensive training program at Chery Automobile in Wuhu China.

Chery Cars – QQ3

With rich colors, appealing look and fashionable configurations, QQ3 of Chery is the first sedan in China to cater for fashion-conscious people. It is also the first sedan in China that has established its own automotive culture. By holding four QQ3 Culture Festivals and spreading the image of QQ3, Chery has set up a positive, optimistic, fashionable and individualistic brand image for QQ3 in the Chinese automotive industry. Over a short period of just five years, QQ3 of Chery has owned a dozen or so product ranges and a huge customer base of nearly 500,000. It also has won more than 80 awards from nearly 100 media and boasts over 100 auto fan associations across the country, becoming one of the most influential automotive brands in the history of the Chinese automotive industry.

Apart from the build of smooth lines, the rear spoiler of QQ3, in the principle of the aerodynamics design, also shows improved stability of the vehicle when traveling at high speed; the arc wrap-around design for the tail lamps makes the tail part more dynamic. The promenently “arc” line, the most popular design in Europe, makes the body of QQ3 lively, dynamic and individualistic. The frameless all-metal enclosed steel sheet structure of the entire car and its concentrated steel beam and collapsible energy-absorption design respectively for the front and tail part of the car improve the frontal and rear anti-collision capacity. The popular crystal headlamps, like two bright eyes, make QQ3 more appealing. Due to adoption of deep black cross grill inserted in the meshy air intake grille, the vehicle appears to be a cute and dynamic sports car.

Maximum Discounted Price: N1,250,00.00

  • Body Wrok
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Perfomance
  • Description
Bodywork type Hatchback
Length (mm) 3550
Height (mm) 1491
Width (mm) 1508
Number of seats 5
Number of doors 5
Track rear (mm) 1260
Track front (mm) 1295
Total (curb) weight (kg) 850
Tires 155/65R13; 175/60R13


Chery Cars – QQ6

Based on the manufacturing concept of “high level fashionable mini-car”, this 3rd generation mini-car features a chassis for high level class AO sedans and enjoys the space of mainstream class A sedans. Complete with the mechanical/electronic interactive safety equipment andintelligentized electronic devices, this high-tech sedan integrates comfort, reasonable price and economy of use, and reflects people’s pursuit for high quality life at low usage cost.

QQ6 adopts a 5-door hatchback three-box design, making the vehicle practical and fashionable. Different from the “bee-waist structure” of traditional sedan, with the larger lower part and the smaller upper part, QQ6 not only reduces its waist line, but also increases the height and width of body. The line of the body, stretching from the front windshield to the tail, becomes smooth, thetail is rounded and both sides are vertical, giving a better vision field and larger space. The entire car looks not only fashionable and lively but also individualistic. QQ6 enjoys a fame of “Chinese Beatle”.

The manually foldable electric rear-view mirror is integrated with the LED turn lamp. Its lens is electrically adjusted and the button is designed on the left front door.

The instrument panel of QQ6 which is located at the center of driving table is designed into a modern asymmetric water-drop type panel with elegant arc and smooth curve. Digital blue displaying technology is adopted for QQ6. It embodies a user-friendly design concept by not only providing precise indication and reliability, but also increasing the sense of vogue and science & technology and showing clear readings. During traveling, the driver may shift information at will, such as instantaneous oil consumption, accumulated mileage and digital clock.

The on-vehicle audio system is equipped with a plug and play MP3 data cable for playing MP3 music directly; besides, QQ6 can also be equipped with single-disc CD or electric radio; the 4-horn surround sound audio system is of wonderful tone. Passengers can enjoy the music and relieve the fatigue from journey with more fun.

Maximum Discounted Price: N1,480,00.00

  • Body Wrok
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Perfomance
  • Description
Bodywork type Sedan
Length (mm) 3995
Height (mm) 1520
Width (mm) 1640
Number of seats 5
Number of doors 4
Track rear (mm) 1420
Track front (mm) 1420
Total (curb) weight (kg) 1050
Tires 175/60 R14


Chery Cars – A520

A5 of Chery features a multi-link independent rear suspension adopting the chassis technology for class B sedans, an advanced CAN-BUS intelligent system, a super-large body of 4552 X 175 X 1483 mm, superior power of 80KW 147NW output by the ACTECO 1.6L engine, a cellbody structure known as “Safety Cell”, and a combination of such active and passive safety equipment as ABS+EBD, disk brakes for four wheels and dual SRS airbags. All these help it to lead among the Chinese products in the authoritative C-NCAP impact test and to pioneer in the energy saving field. It indeed provides more value for less cost!

The protective cover of the rail of chromium-plated railed water tank is respectful and elegant. It matches with the whole molding perfectly, implicative and smooth, embodying the unique fashionable taste of the owner.With the most fashionably curved dome appearance molding at the moment, the entire car is smooth, grand, steady, stately and sporty. The two straight curved muscle lines at the front of car extend from air inlet to the bottom of front windshield through both body sides.

This molding is the latest design fashion in Europe, taking into account both fashion & grandness and showing respectful temperament. The ACTECO pedal below the A5 door looks larger and more respectful, which only exists in the real high-grade cars. The A5 is of highly integral design, and the inverse trapezium design can be found everywhere, from engine grille, steering wheel shape to luggage boot lid, which makes the integral style more steady. The front face effectively reduces the wind resistance with curved air intake.

Maximum Discounted Price: N2,650,00.00

  • Body Wrok
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Steering
  • Brakes
  • Perfomance
  • Description
Bodywork type Sedan
Length (mm) 4552
Height (mm) 1483
Width (mm) 1750
Number of seats 5
Number of doors 4
Track rear (mm) 1505
Gross (max.) weight (kg) 1665
Total (curb) weight (kg) 1290
Tires 195/55R15


Chery Cars – EASTAR

A3 of Chery is a representative product of the strategic transformation of Chery. Based on the latest styles and techniques prevailing in Europe as well as the technical platform keeping pace with the global trends, it is a refined family sedan aiming especially at the young and fashionable customers. A3 enjoys dynamic and fashionable appearance, and perfectly integrates wide body and elegant European style interior trimmings. It comes with the independently developed ACTECO engine that is efficient and energy-saving. Its high quality chassis and 4-link rear suspension system ensure great driving comfort and manoeuvrability. Moreover, designed in strict accordance with the five-star impact safety standards, A3 is mostly made of high strength steel sheet and features the leading ESP (Electronic Stability Program), combining both the active safety and passive safety.

The front face, with integral U-shaped design, extends to the engine hood line, sporty and luxurious.The uniquely hidden rear door handle and effect of imitating two-door hatchback follow the European fashion closely. The convex molding design is integrated with the meshy air intake grille and convex line of engine hood, which is extremely sporty.It is equipped with turn lamp and electric heating device that can remove the bead on mirror practically and safely.

The compact body proportion and undershot waist line design improve the sense of sport for body side, presenting the style of European-style coupe.

  • Full Spec
  • Brakes
  • Description
  • Leather Seat from DK-Schweizer
  • DVD Touch Screen with Bluetooth Fuction
  • Head Rest Monitor
  • Reverse Camera
  • Security Tint (5mil) 5years Warranty
  • Full Set Bodykits Including Spoiler Air Master Brand
  • TV Booster
  • Carpet
  • Door Visors (4 Doors )
  • Plate No on screen
  • Sun Visor at windscreen
  • Car Polish
  • Tyre – 16/205/55
  • Front drive
  • Dual airbags, every door with safety bar.


Address: Head Office
ECB Auto Group Nigeria Limited
Block 139, Plots 31-32
Lekki-Epe Expressway
QMB Builders’ Mart Road
Lekki– Lagos

Contact us: 08024317476


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