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Image may contain: 1 person, textEvery child has an amazing ability to learn. However, the fear of Maths have robbed our kids of their self-confidence to learn and tackle problems involving calculations. This fear is also the major cause of Maths failure in school and external examinations.

A study of the approach used in Asian countries to help children fall in love with Maths and come out top in the annual global Maths league table shows that there is a magical tool that can make a difference in any child with deficiency in fundamental Maths. The tool is the “Ancient Japanese Abacus” called the Soroban.

Abacus Maths has been an indispensable learning programme in many mathematically advanced countries and we are glad to introduce Machomind Abacus Maths and Brain Development Programme targeted at children between the ages of 3 – 13years.

The Abacus method is an excellent way to develop both a keen sense for numbers and fast methods of calculation. It makes Maths concrete and fun. It enhances the brain power and skills of preschoolers and primary pupils and eliminate the fear of mathematics by making Maths calculations easier.

After a good deal of practice using the Abacus, children are able to calculate in their heads faster than a calculator without even using an actual abacus. The programme will enable children to improve their ability to calculate and think on their feet.

Below are the long term benefits of Abacus Maths Programme:
1. Increases confidence to do mathematics.
2. Improves focus and concentration.
3. Promotes positive attitude towards education.
4. Enhanced learning in all subjects.
5. Enhanced memory and greater attention span.
6. Improved confidence to ask questions in class.
7. Overall academic performance and improved grades.

The benefits that the children enjoy using the Abacus are far superior than the traditional Maths method. Machomind Abacus Maths Programme is one of the best trainings for children to develop both hemispheres of their brain for logical and creative thinking ability. Your child will develop problem solving skills that will make them think fast when faced with mental challenge. They will also develop lifetime love for Maths while using the Abacus.

Machomind Abacus programme makes kids 5 times smarter than their peers and you can sit back and watch your child grow to become a genius, an inventor, a global competitor and an award winning scholar that will make you very proud. What’s more satisfying?

Your child will do brilliantly too if they join Machomind Abacus.

A trial will convince you!

You can contact us on the following channels for more enquiries:

Facebook: machomindabacus
WhatsApp: ±234 816 363 6450
Telephone: ±234 818 888 4091 or 816 363 6450.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and text

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