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About Us

We are a company whose mission is to contribute to the growth in the culture of service excellence in our environment. Our main objective is to create a virtual market place and connect end users, service providers (Technicians, Artisans, Handymen, and Professionals) and suppliers of consumables to each other in a manner that will create value for all stakeholders.
To ensure that value is maximised, we will provide a programme of continuous assessment, reviews, and classification of service providers so as to motivate competency development, self-improvement,growth, and excellence in service delivery.

Discover Service Providers

Do you need Serveetcons support in one or more of the following?
1. Recommend a Service provider for you.
2. Work with you and the service provider up to contract agreement.
3. Supervise the Project.
4. Provide independent verification of project status and progress.

All of the above under applicable terms and conditions of service.

Address: 1st Floor, AVM Building A, Opp. Agungi Bus Stop,
Km 14, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos.

Contact us:  08028748870
08025492621/ 08022694072






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